The Program

The Program for Cycling Zandvoort 2020

Friday June 12th

21:30 Registration open

21:30 Campsite Open.

22:30 Registration closed / campsite closed

22:30 Campsite closed (sleeping on the campsite is possible)


Saturday June 13th

07:30 Registration open

07:30 Campsite open

10:00 Registration closed

10:30 Teamcaptain’s meeting (in the Tarzan Corner)

11:15 Line up for the openings round with all the competitors.

11:45 Line up for the Le Mans start. One team member per team.

12:00 Start of the 24h Race & 6h Race With a Le Mans start

18:00 Finish of the 6h race.

18:30 Price ceremony of the 6h race.

00:00 Music off


Sunday June 14th

07:00 Music on

12:05 Circuit open for all team members.

12:00 End of 24 hour race

12:00 Last team lap

12:10 Awarding participants medal

12:30 Price giving ceremony