Last updates

Cycling Zandvoort is only a few hours away! Friday at 21.30 we start with the registration at pitbox 3/4. We understand your enthusiasm which make you want to arrive earlier at the circuit, but there is another event at the circuit. This means that the participant of Cycling Zandvoort can not enter the circuit before 21.30. At that given time we start with the registration in pitbox 3/4. Saturday morning at 7.30 we will be there again to help you.

A few last announcements:

  • a parking card is not needed to enter the parking
  • camping cards are send to the email address that booked it
  • the keys of the pitboxes can be picked up at the registration
  • unloading your car at the pitbox/tent is possible, but you have to pay a security deposit of €50,- which you’ll get back after leaving the area.

If there are important questions left, contact