June 13th and 14th at Circuitpark Zandvoort 6h or 24h cycling!

Imagine this: cycling on a famous and historic race circuit. During Cycling Zandvoort this is a dream coming true. Make a team of colleagues, friends or family and join the 6-hours or the Adecco Group 24-hours race. You have multiple options for your team: a group to 8 persons, a group to 4 persons, duo or solo. Cyclist of all levels of experience are joining the race which makes that everyone can join this awesome event. It is possible to get a place to stay the night with your team. Stay the night at the campsite or in one (partly or competely) of the pitboxes.

Circuit Zandvoort is part of the traditional race circuits with a long and interesting history. On the same list there are circuits like the German Nürnburgring, the Italian Monza and Belgian Spa Francorchamps. Despite the fact that the last F1 Grand Prix was held in 1985, many international racing champs ride on this track. Tarzan’s corner is one of the most famous parts of Circuit Zandvoort.

The uniqueness of Circuit Zandvoort is found in the location. It is located next to the beach and sea which makes that you ride between the dunes. The track has a total of 4,3 kilometers and comes with 13 challenging corners which are appriciated by the racecar drivers, runners and mostly cyclist. Your endurance will be tested in all parts of the track, but one climb will stand out: the 15 meter high ‘Hunserug’.

Cycling Zandvoort has a thing, a vibe, a feeling. You will experience it during the 6- or 24-hours race on the track. During the day or in the middle of the night. Under the sun or under the stars. In all the weather conditions, rain, cold but hopefully sunshine and a nice temperature. It’s about pushing your limits. Each round asks for the highest concentration to take each of the 13 corners perfectly. Each round again the 15 meter high ‘Hunserug’ which makes stand in your pedals to push a little more. Each round where you give your all, for yourself or for your team.

To get to know this wonderfull atmosphere, there is only one thing you can do: experience it yourself. Cycling Zandvoort invites you to join the race and make the 7th edition even more legendary.