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The cycling races during the Saris Cycling Zandvoort are exciting, challenging but most of all fun races to compete in. Once a year the Tarzan corner is build into a camping, are the pitboxes packed with bicycles and is there a different kind of racing on the circuit.

The 24 hour race is a perfect race to participate in with a group of friends, colleagues or family. The race is a relay, so each team member has to cycle individually and has to switch after a number of rounds, which you can determine with your team. The teams can be up to 4 persons or up to 8 persons. Duo or solo is also possible for an even bigger challenge!

We have different kind of races which you can join:

The 24h Race (starts on saturday)

  • Solo
  • Duo
  • Team up to 4 persons
  • Team up to 8 persons
  •  Womens team
  •  Business team

The 6h race (starts on saturday)

  • solo
  • duo
  • team up to 3 persons

The 3h race (starts on sunday)

  • solo

The Programm:


21:30 Registration open
21:30 Campsite open
22:30 Registration closed

Competitors can stay during the night. But the circuit is closed for car traffic during the night.


07:00 Campsite open
07:00 Registration open
10:00 Registration closed
10:30 Riders briefing
11:15  Line up for ceremonial lap
11:30 ceremonial lap
11:45 Line up for the ‘Le mans’ start
12:00 Start of the 6 en de 24 hour race
18:00 finish 6h race
18:30 award ceremonie 6h race


09:00 start 3h race
12:00 Finish 24 and 3 hour race
12:30 award ceremonie


If you want to experience the ultimate racetrack feeling you can book an Pitbox for your team to use as an teamplace during the race. you have two options.
Rent an exclusive pitbox for your team (€250,-)
Rent a shared pitbox for your team. (€150,- )

Inside the pitbox is an shower, toilet and electricity. Book an pitbox here.



On the paddock of the circuit we will create an unique campsite. The Campsite is located in the tarzan corner from where you have a good view on the circuit. On Friday you can allready stay for the night but from 22:00 till 07:00 the gates will be closed for car traffic. On Saturday the 13th of June the gate will open at 07:00 and you can register till 10:00. A place on the campsite is 7.5m x 5m. Participant can park their car on their campsite as long as it stays within their reserved space.
A place at the campsite costs €30,- and includes electricity. Book your place on the campsite here.


Every team will receive an transponder. This transponder is packed in a drinking bottle. This bottle will be used as an relay batton. The drinking bottle must be transported in the bottle cage of the bicycle. Solo riders can unpack the bottle and attach the drinking bottle on the frame of the bicycle with tywraps or ducktape. During the race you can follow all the rankings and live results online.


Every competitor who is on the track must wear an helmet. During the night good light are required. There will be first aid in the pitlane. Make sure you will read the rulebook before entering the race. check the rulebook here